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MC for The Warrior Within Conference

Author and Storytelling Minister



JL Gerhardt is an author and storytelling minister from the Austin, TX area. She's devoted to helping women see God's movement in their lives and equipping them to embrace His transformative work. Her books include, Swallowed Up: The story of how my brother died. And I didn't. ;Think Good: How to Get Rid of Anxiety, Guilt, Despair & the Like to Finally Find Peace of Mind; and Prayer, In Practice. JL loves talking to women about God and leading marriage workshops with her husband, her middle school sweetheart. She grew up right here in St. Petersburg, FL and can't stop missing the beach. She has two not-yet-teenage daughters who sing at the top of their lungs (like their mom), and love British baking shows (like their dad). Find out more at GodScout.com.