What is The Fearless Woman: Empowering the Warrior Within Conference?

The Fearless Woman: Empowering the Warrior Within Conference is a one-day event that connects women with the Word of God and a community that will uplift them and inspire them to live fearlessly following God’s plan for their life. The conference will help women refocus their mind, body, and spirit on God’s vision for their life. When society tells us “busy is better,” God gently reminds us that we can find rest and strength in Him. This full day event will help women rekindle their love and faith for who they are in Christ.

We also want to make it clear that this is not a conference that kindly asks you to sit on the sidelines and spectate. It’s actually quite the opposite! We want this conference to be a microcosm of the life God desires for you! We fully expect you to be engaged and active during the workshops to personalize the material to your own life and experiences. 


Where will the event take place?

The event will take place on the Tyrone campus of BridgePoint Church at 6690 Crosswinds Drive in Saint Petersburg, Florida. We are excited for the opportunity to work with BridgePoint’s professionals to bring you a well run, high-end conference that will allow us to focus on renewing ourselves in Christ.


Where should I stay for the conference if I am coming out of town to attend?

There are many hotels in the vicinity of the conference. This conference is not affiliated with a specific hotel due to the fact that many of the attendees will be from the local Saint Petersburg/Tampa/Clearwater area. We suggest looking for hotels on the surrounding beaches- Treasure Island, Madeira, or Saint Petersburg to enhance your getaway experience!


How much does the conference cost?

The cost of admission is $250 a ticket.

What’s included in the ticket price?

  • Intimate setting amongst other like minded woman to learn to fearlessly follow God

  • 5 interactive workshops with only 50 people in each group focusing on aligning your, mind, body and spirit with God’s plan for your life. This includes a bullet journal workshop to help implement everything you’ve learned! 

  • An hour long praise and worship concert with Nichole Nordeman, a well loved Christian singer

  • A heartfelt speech by Cheryl McGuinness on overcoming adversity after her husband died in 911 (co-pilot 👨‍✈️ American flight 11)

  • All necessary tools to be successful with implementing the information provided in the workshops! This is a combination of all The Fearless 5’s favorite gear related to the topics at the workshops. 

Why DOES the cost of this conference seem higher than other conferences?

We understand that $250 is a big investment for a conference, but that is precisely the point! In order for you to truly change from this conference, you must be fully invested in it. We know from personal experience that a single quality purchase can hold more value and bring more joy than that of 7 cheaper, ill-fitting options. This conference was constructed with the best-of-the-best to bring you a event that will exceed all of your expectations!

Our vision for an interactive conference requires a smaller number of people so we, The Fearless 5, can then invest in you. The price reflects our collective knowledge from each of our professions, plus the quality and caliber of materials, speakers and worship musicians we desired, to give you a conference experience like no other!  A lite breakfast, lunch, and all necessary conference materials, as well as bonus swag items, are included. Besides sales from the musician Nichole Nordeman and key note speaker Cheryl McGuinness there are no hidden fees, and the ticket price is your all-inclusive pass.

We want you to know that we have you embedded in the heart of this conference. We’ve prayed consistently and worked diligently to provide content and workshops that awaken your soul and beg you to dive in to uncover the obstacles holding you back from the life God has planned for you! 

Just like we need The Father, Son and Holy Spirit to completely access Heaven, we need our mind, body and spirit aligned in God’s purpose to access our full potential while on Earth. Therefore, it is important to commit to attending the entire day’s events to participate in the workshops that focus on each element (mind, body spirit). 

Please, prayerfully approach the decision to attend the conference put on by us, The Fearless 5. We too are praying that those who invest in themselves with a ticket to the conference will receive a deeper connection within their own mind, body, and spirit as well as with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


What if I cannot afford a ticket?

We realize paying for a ticket to the conference may not be feasible for some individuals at this time. However, to follow our vision of an intimate, interactive conference, we must keep the number of attendees low at 250 women, which then dictates the ticket price. We will be offering a few sponsored tickets at a lower price as the conference gets closer, so visit our website and social media platforms regularly to stay up to date with your chance at one of those tickets!

We do plan to offer more events in the future, so if this one does not fit your budget, stay tuned for more events held by The Fearless 5.


Who should attend the conference?

This event is designed around the specific needs and roles of women, which is why it is limited to women only at this time. This conference is God-filled and Christ-focused! We encourage women who have a deep relationship with Christ or those just scratching the surface of understanding God’s role in their life. All we ask is that you come with an open heart and a willingness to regain and renew your passion for your life!

What is the youngest age for women to attend the conference?

This conference is for audience members above the ages of 18.

Are men welcome to attend the conference?

Due to the low number of attendees, we request that the tickets go to women only at this time. If you have a special situation that deems further attention, please contact us. We would love to speak with you.


Will food be provided?

Yes, food will be provided. We are offering coffee and a small convenient breakfast in the morning prior to the start of the conference. A boxed lunch that aligns with our heart for good nutrition and a bottled water will also be provided.

We are providing a boxed lunch to allow for more time spent in fellowship and less time spent in a buffet line! We are encouraging small group sessions at lunch to get to know more God-centered women!

You will also be able to purchase additional drinks and lite snacks from the BridgePoint Café if you desire throughout the day.  


Where do I park?

Parking will be directed by BridgePoint employees the day of the conference at no additional charge


Are groups for workshops assigned?

Yes, groups will be assigned for the workshops to ensure that an equal amount of people attend each workshop session. This is necessary due to room sizes, as well as our desire to keep a small number of attendees in each session to create an intimate setting for those in attendance. We understand that many people will attend the conference with friends or family and we will do our best to accommodate you staying with those that you attend with. However, please use this experience to get to know other local women who are attending the conference. It is important that everyone feels welcomed at this conference.


Can I buy a ticket at the conference?

No, all conference tickets will be sold prior to the event, so please, buy one now! With such a small number of tickets, we anticipate the tickets to sell fast.

Are tickets refundable? Transferable?

No, tickets are not refundable. However, we understand life happens so the tickets can be transferable on case by case basis. Please contact us so we can help you!


What should I wear to the conference?

We encourage you to wear clothes that you can move in! We will have you worshiping and participating in creative workshops that require you to move! Please let us know the day of the event if you have restrictions that require our attention. Otherwise, we just ask you to participate at your comfort level.


What if I don’t know anyone attending the conference?

All the more reason to attend! One of our goals for this conference is to unite women in Christ, so this is a perfect opportunity to engage with other women in your workshop groups and over small group questions provided at lunch!


What should I bring to the conference?

You will be provided with a workbook and all necessary materials to get the most out of this conference! Otherwise, bring an open heart for the Lord and the women attending the conference!


How do I get the most out of the conference?

We believe that in order to get the most out of the conference, you should attend all workshops at the time you are scheduled. If you choose not to do so, you will not be able to attend another session due to the limited space and required intimacy of the workshops.


Are there breaks?

There are small breaks, or transition times, throughout the day, and a 50-minute lunch with provided small group questions that will allow you to engage in fellowship!


Is childcare provided?

No, there is no childcare provided for this conference.


Didn’t see your question? Contact us!