Women are invited to unveil their inner warrior on February 2, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Florida, at a day-long event designed to empower growth and change. Attendees will be armed with powerful tools and resources to foster their power from within.

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The Fearless 5 is a combination of a mother, Dr. Kim Costello and four of her daughters: Candice Lindsey, Dr. Ashlee Orozco, Dr. Autumn Hanson, and Allie Scruggs.

While working in the mental health, medical, and law enforcement fields, we have seen the brokenness and heard the cries of humankind first hand. Our hearts began to feel heavy with the burden of their pain and the restrictions our careers placed on our ability to touch peoples’ hearts with love, prayer support, and resources in their most vulnerable moments. When we gathered as a family, our discussions always seemed to funnel towards a common question, “What more can we do for those that have graced our path?”


With each of our individualized emphasis on mind, body, and spirit, we began to see the power of our combined abilities to help people heal wholly and completely. God has provided us with a strong support system within our family to allow us to fearlessly go and be God’s hands and feet, heart, and soul that people are yearning for. Families are messy and complicated and while we have those same traits tangled into ours, we see that the more we focused on serving others, the closer we felt to each other and our purpose in life. We feel compelled to combine our unique talents to empower others into a life of passion, rooted in Christ Jesus.


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Our first event combines The Fearless 5’s strengths and passions. At the one-day event, we will gather with the women in and around our local area to worship, listen, learn and love deeply. Holding a conference was so heavily placed on each of our hearts that we decided to start big, making it our first mission as The Fearless 5. We want to use the event as an avenue to connect more women with the word of God and a community that will uplift them and inspire them to live fearlessly following God’s plan for their life. His plan holds true promise for a life filled with passion. 




Owner and Founder of The Costello Center and Fearless 5 member

Dr. Kim E. Costello’s career has been defined by her unwavering commitment to helping families. After more than 25 years of providing therapeutic counseling to adults and children, she has assisted thousands of individuals, couples, and families through times of major transition. Dr. Costello is the owner and founder of The Costello Center, a comprehensive counseling and academic assistance center serving the greater Tampa Bay community. She is also the owner and founder of Conflict Resolution Counseling without Despair and Optimal Assessments, which provides psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to measure the strengths and needs of an individual. 

Dr. Costello endured a painful childhood filled with the dissolution of her family and the loss of a brother who gave up his life to save her. She then quietly vowed to raise a family that could see their worth and way through the heartache that is inevitable in a world that seeks self-fulfillment before self-understanding and the awareness that humans are made in the image of their creator. Dr. Costello’s belief is that each person can be taught to fully embrace their spiritual self and navigate life with true knowledge and strength. She strongly feels that when one can accept and be open to God’s plan then challenges can be welcome and success is celebrated no matter how big or small it seems.



The Costello Center office manager, intake coordinator and Fearless 5 member

Candice is a Florida native, born and raised in St. Petersburg. She is a wife, mother of two, United States Air Force veteran, and follower of Jesus Christ. Candice holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Educational Studies from St. Petersburg College and has worked for The Costello Center as their office manager and intake coordinator for the past 7 years. As a member of The Fearless 5, she follows her servants’ hearts and uses her talents to do what she can to both encourage and uplift others. Candice considers herself a people person and has a passion for life that is centered around God, family, and friends, and cannot wait to see what God has in store for this next chapter of her life.



Clinical Psychologist and Fearless 5 member

As a little girl, Dr. Ashlee heard The Starfish Story. The story was about thousands of starfish spread across the beach and one man tossed them back into the water one at a time. Others watched and ask why he chose to do this because there were too many starfish to save; he would never make a difference. The man picked up another starfish and said, “It makes a difference to this one,” as he tossed the starfish back into the ocean. For Ashlee this spoke a powerful message: don’t focus on changing the world, but rather change the world for one person at a time.

The Starfish Story became an example for Ashlee’s life as she served her community. She went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology where she specialized in helping others make a difference in their world. She utilizes the spiritual gifts God has given her, including serving, teaching, leadership, and words of wisdom. She has been given a servant’s heart and is eager to find ways to spread the message of God’s love to others.

In addition to serving, Ashlee has a passion for traveling. Born in Florida, she has traveled throughout the United States and the world. With only two states left to visit (Maine and Alaska), Ashlee hopes to travel to all 50 states before her 35th birthday. She also desires to travel throughout all of Central and South America. She has a passion for speaking Spanish and hopes to pursue and study it. It is her goal to combine her spiritual gifts, love for the Spanish language and traveling, to serve on mission trips.

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Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Pilates instructor, owner of Permission2Move, and Fearless 5 member

Dr. Autumn Hanson is one of The Fearless 5, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Pilates instructor and the owner of Permission2Move. Permission2Move is her avenue to prescribe movement to busy families to inspire everyday adventures, instead of medication! She tries to embody her mission in her own family life, as a wife to a Coastie and a mother of two little girls. Autumn is motivated to pursue her passion of finding adventures through movement in her neighborhood or on her travels. She has dedicated her life to learning the intricate details of the body and encourages others to embrace themselves the way God intended when He created us.



Sheriff and Member of The Fearless 5

Allie Scruggs retains a Masters from Loyola University and Undergrad from Kennesaw State in Criminal Justice. She is a mandated officer in the State of Georgia and is working on transferring her certification to Florida. During the last five years of her career, Allie worked as a Deputy Sheriff; she managed adult inmates in a pretrial status. As her career developed, she became a Disciplinary Officer in a Classification Unit helping to maintain strict guidelines with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Allie worked side by side with the mental health inmates and helped manage their needs and progression to report back to the Command staff.  She completed her internship for her Undergrad working with Juvenile Probation and Mediation.  During this time Allie also volunteered with a program called Kidz to Leaders, assisting in breaking the cycle of children becoming incarcerated like their parents were.